Young Professional Experience

yo-pro-experienceWe are JBBBS Young Professionals!

When I moved to Boston earlier this year, a college acquaintance invited me to the After-Party. It was something to do on a Saturday night. I was so pleasantly surprised to meet such incredible people there. I had an amazing time. (The dessert sliders!) It was a great networking opportunity for me as someone new to town – and it helped to introduce me to the agency, where I now volunteer as a Big Sister.

– Alison, Young Professional and Big Sister

I’d been volunteering for a couple of years and managed to learn quite a bit about the agency in my time with it. I love JBBBS, especially for the difference it’s made in the life of my Little Brother. (He attended camp on scholarship. He’s looking ahead to college next year.) So I figured, ‘Maybe it’s time to get more involved!’ So I got more active with JBBBS’ Young Professional Community. The unintended benefits are that I’ve met a lot of interesting people through that channel, even some new friends. As a volunteer, of course, I was already connected in this very cool way with my Little Brother but, until recently, never really took the opportunity to get to know fellow volunteers. I’m glad I seized that opportunity. My network has really expanded.

– Colby, Young Professional and Big Brother

I was a Little Sister so I understand, first hand, the good JBBBS does for families like mine. I struggle for words to really help most people understand why JBBBS is important and why I care so deeply about sustaining the organization. The young adults affiliated with JBBBS’ Young Professional Community already get it. They’re current and former volunteers, former Little Brothers and Sisters, people who have been touched by the agency in some way. They’re my friends. Also, I’ve really benefited from the professional development opportunities JBBBS sponsors.

– Marta, Young Professional, Friend 2 Friend volunteer and alumni Little Sister

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