We can’t shake the feeling: Everybody deserves a mentor.

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January 26th, 2015
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We asked two-time Big Sister and YoPro, Jocelyn Gordon, why she thinks everyone deserves a mentor. Says Jocelyn: 

JocelynPicMy Little Sister and I have been matched for seven months. She is six-years-old, loves school and her hip-hop dance classes, and always has music requests for our car rides to and from activities. She wears tulle skirts and Converse sneakers and talks just a little too fast to make her easily-understandable.

I think she rocks, and I’m lucky to be her mentor.

On our last car ride home, she requested Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” – a perfect pick since it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, as well! We put the song on repeat and sang together. When my Little Sister would stop singing to say something to me, I turned the music down so I could hear her and she could hear my answer before turning the music right back up.

We were almost on her street when she asked me a question and I turned the music down to hear. So close to home, I didn’t turn the music back up. She waited a couple of seconds before saying, “Jocelyn, the music is too small!” It took me a few seconds and a laugh before turning the volume up so we could both sing together the rest of the way home.  Why does everyone deserve a mentor? Because when a six-year-old thinks the Taylor Swift song in the car is playing is too “small,” she should have someone to turn it up louder and sing along with her.

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