Why I Ride: Caryn Love.

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July 15th, 2014
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In fall 2013, I participated in the Rodman Ride for Kids for the first time.  A former Big Sister, I joined the agency’s clinical team that August.

I was excited for the Ride, but I was also pretty nervous. I hadn’t ridden a bike in years. I didn’t even own one!  I was reassured however that 25 miles isn’t so bad, “most of it is downhill anyway,” and, indeed, I could do it. I had only five weeks to train. First things first: I hopped on a bike at the gym and commenced my search for a bike for Ride day.

Here in the office, my colleagues lent their support. One’s wife had a bike I could borrow, another offered me hers because she wasn’t riding… In the end, I took Lisa Cohen, our Vice President of Programs, up on her offer.  Her husband even lent me a bike rack! With bike in hand, I went on my first training ride through Brighton and Newton. I was nervous to drive through traffic but, after about five miles, felt surer of myself and continued on. I managed to ride 15 miles for the first time in my life that day. Ten more? A piece of cake, I thought.

On the day of the Ride, Harvey Lowell [JBBBS President/CEO] and his son, Shalom, rode on their tandem bike, and I started the race with them.  We rode together much of the time with Harvey and Shalom helping to lead the way.  It really was a lot of fun.  We made it to the first water stop where we had some snacks, saw all our JBBBS friends, and it was off for the rest of the ride.  It was a beautiful day and quite exhilarating to ride those 25 miles through Sharon and surrounding towns.

Caryn and Shalom

Caryn and Shalom at the water stop.

At the end, going through the finish line, I was tired and definitely ready to get off the bike. I was also  touched by the support both from JBBBS colleagues and volunteers who were ringing bells and cheering.  I was so happy that I was encouraged to ride and can’t wait to do it all over again!