Why I Ride: To support matches like mine and Jamie’s.

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August 2nd, 2016
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For each of the past 15 years, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters has assumed an active role in the Rodman Ride for Kids, an umbrella matching gift charity raising funds for youth-serving organizations like this one. The Ride has become one of our most important fundraisers, and it’s something our community – staff, board, Big and Little Brothers and Sisters, Friends and other supporters – look forward to each fall. This September 24, we’re back to it. So, over the next two months, we’ll be sharing stories from those who’ve been there – and those who are back for more. Because? Because… 



When you donate to the Rodman Ride for Kids, you are supporting matches like my match with Jamie!

Jamie and I were introduced in August 2014.  We have done activities like bowling, Plaster Fun Time, trying new restaurants (where I encourage her to taste the gluten-free cuisine), the movies and our favorite of all time: trying on makeup at Sephora.  When we are together, we talk about school, friendships and work. I know Jamie values my opinion and I value hers, too.  She’s eager to see pictures of my new niece, and I love hearing about her trips to visit family around the country. More recently, I got to see her perform at her dance recital. It was incredibly special to see her do something she is passionate about.

Part of being matched in the program means we enjoy support from a dedicated social worker, who helps us deepen our connection and strengthen our match and whose advice we count on. The Ride supports  programming at JBBBS, enabling more Big and Little Sisters to have experiences like mine and Jamie’s. Plus, the Ride underwrites all expenses and matches 5% on every donation – so 100% of every donation received goes to support affiliate charities.

Big Sister, Mary Weinburg, is a caseworker in JBBBS’ Friend 2 Friend program. She’s captaining a team in this year’s Ride. Want to be like Mary? Here’s what you can do, right now, to be supportive!