YoPros involved in strategic process.

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September 9th, 2015
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Over the past two years, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters has been focusing on the development, cultivation, and engagement of the Young Professional community. With more than 75% of our volunteers between the ages of 21 and 40, how we engage this demographic in the community is central to the growth of the agency.

The agency received a grant from CJP to hire outside consultants to walk us through a strategic planning process focused on Young Professionals. Reni Gertner and Stacy Goodman were hired to lead a core team of staff and volunteers in the development of a Young Professional Strategy.

We are currently in the assessment phase of this work. This phase involves looking at where things currently are within the agency, gauging the interest and experience of current volunteers, and seeing how other organizations are managing and engaging Young Professionals. People interviewed through this stage included individual stakeholders involved as volunteers with the agency, colleagues running young professional initiatives at other agencies (Jewish and not), and staff members.

My biggest take-away so far? There is a large community looking for more touchpoints with JBBBS: Smaller events and more opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals.

The next phase of the project will allow us dive deep into the data collected at a full-day strategy workshop. This workshop will provide an opportunity for the core team and selected  volunteers to begin to vision what could be, how this agency compares to others, what ideas have come out that should be put into action, and what, if any, organizational priorities need to shift to include Young Professionals.

You can be involved. You can have an impact on the future of JBBBS!

We invite you to work with on this project, an exciting endeavor that will give our volunteers the opportunity to invest in themselves. For the first time, we are teaming external consultants with volunteer leaders to create a more cohesive methodology on how to better engage YoPros in all JBBBS activities.

Through the leadership of our consultants and a core team of staff and volunteers, volunteers who get involved will get the chance to expand the breadth of their knowledge in multi-faceted, hugely beneficial learning activities. Beyond civic engagement and personal fulfillment, we will focus on collaborative professional development within the overall project.

As in all of JBBBS, we are committed to engaging future leaders in meaningful involvement. Through work on key goals and deliverables, volunteers helping with the YoPro Strategy Project will get their own opportunities to learn new things – everything from understanding nonprofit finance to assessing organizational capabilities – in ways that will enhance skills and experience.

Recharge your dedication to volunteering; collaborate with like-minded professionals with a wide range of expertise; strengthen the skills already on your resume (and learn new ones); and build quality networks outside of the office. As a volunteer leader, you will have the opportunity to participate in the entire process with experts, receive guidance and training, and assist in completing some portions of the master work yourselves.

Using this fresh model of self-motivation, we can’t wait to work with you, learn with you, teach with you, and utilize all of our skills to the fullest in creating the future with JBBBS.

For more information, contact me, Leora Kimmel Greene, at leora@jbbbs.org.