Programs for Children

Our Children’s Programs serve boys and girls in over 93 towns in Eastern Massachusetts.

Programs ChildrenThey empower kids in need by growing their support systems to including a caring adult mentor.

Children, Little Brothers and Sisters, are between the ages of 6-18. They are Jewish and non-Jewish. They come from a variety of different places and life circumstances and include kids from single- and two-parent families, children who are bullied, children who bully, kids who are struggling academically, kids who are struggling socially, those who have (or whose siblings have) disabilities. They know death, divorce, loss.

Each could benefit from a relationship with a dedicated Big Brother or Sister: (another) trusted grown-up, a sound role model, a good friend.

Programs ChildrenOur Big Brothers and Sisters are volunteers who spend a few hours each month helping a child feel special. Maybe they share their Little Brother’s passion for books or their Little Sister’s interest in crafts or sports. Or perhaps they’re to thank for introducing a Little Brother or Sister to a brand new hobby, a favorite museum, a fun restaurant!

Here, we know it takes a village. And a Big Brother or Sister is just part of it.