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The BIG Bash

A BIG thank you to the more than 350 people who came together last night to celebrate JBBBS and the power of friendship. We were thrilled to honor long-time leaders Ben Marsh, Elyse Marsh, and Joseph Morgart. and present them with the Maxwell Burstein Volunteer Award. You can watch videos honoring BenElyse, and Joseph to get a glimpse into the true power of philanthropy, dedication and leadership.

If interested, you can see a photos from last night’s BIG Bash here.

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Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters is thrilled to announce that we will be honoring long time and cherished volunteer leaders Joseph Morgart and Elyse & Ben Marsh at The BIG Bash on May 18, 2023, at the Museum of Science. 


Joe has been actively involved in our Agency for over 25 years in countless ways. Not only did he serve as the Chair of our Agency’s Board of Directors but is currently the Chair of our Endowment Board.  To top that, his son Alex, shares his father’s passion and is now a Big Brother, and his daughter Lauren shall soon become a Big Sister!


Elyse was a member of our Board of Directors for 20 years and has been a volunteer in our Friend 2 Friend Program and matched with her friend Allison for 15 years!  Elyse met Allison at the JBBBS Community Seder where she was volunteering with her son.  They were introduced by JBBBS staff who thought they would make a “good match.”  Elyse’s son (12 at the time) helped convince her to become a volunteer.  They have been in each other’s lives for big moments like Allison’s Bat-Mitzvah and small moments like painting pottery and eating Chinese food together.


Ben has been a Big Brother in our Children’s program since 2016 when his Little Brother Mike was 12.  They love to go out and find new restaurants and have probably gone to 50 movies (which Elyse would never want to go to!)  They have also attended many Red Sox & Bruins games.  Ben has been able to teach many life lessons to Mike throughout their match.  Steering a kayak, bowling, tennis and golf are just a few highlights.  Mike is now in college and benefiting from JBBBS’ College Scholarship Program.


JBBBS could not be prouder to honor these three tremendously deserving long-time friends and volunteers!!!

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Co-chairs & Host Committee

Jonathan & Rachel Albert

Peter Antoszyk & Wendy Perlman

Rabbi Marc Baker

Jonathan & Monique Bamel

Lisa & David Bamel

Jeff & Deb Baron

Michael & Lori Bass

Steven & Michelle Bearak

Debby and Erik Belt

Mark & Cindy Blotner

Annika Bockius-Suwyn

Stephanie Briguglio

Jake Bronstein

Richard & Ellen Calmas

Amy and Michael Chartock

Jill Cohen

Leslie & Mitchell Cohen

Dean & Leslie G. Cohen

Lisa & Arieh Coll

Jeff & Jennifer Drucker

Heidi & Jon DuBois

Adam & Michelle Eisenberg

Pam & Mark Fisher

David Franklin & Yoori Lee

Andrew & Allison Friedman

Paul & Laurie Gershkowitz

Eric & Janet Giesser

Jill Goldenberg & Sidney Kriger

Rich & Judy Goldman

Amy & Howard Goldman

Angela & Will Gordon

Andrew & Jessica Gosman

Susan & Norm Gotshalk

Larry Green

Steven E. Gurdin

Robert & Marcy Haber

Lisa & Tom Higgins

Betsy & Edward Jacobs

Josh Jick

Audrey & Jack Kadis

Jeff & Jill Karp

Jody Kipnis

Daniel & Victoria Klein

Lauren & Jerald Korn

Harold & Jamie Kotler

Lori & Fred Leif

Carolynn Levy & Alan Sharaf

Robin & James Liebowitz

Jeff Maimon

Sara Marsh

Jonathan Marsh & Rachel Philipson

Alexander Morgart

Johnathan Morgart

Lauren Morgart

Sarah Morgart

Jonathan Norris & David Sohboff

Max & Mindy Peckler

Mike Pehl

Nancy & Larry Perkins

Neal and Amy Reiner

Corey Prachniak-Rincón

Stephen & Betsy Rosen

Steve & Joan Rosenthal

Jake Rubin

Cindy Samuelson

Lori Barnet & Jeffrey Savit

Gail & David Schechter

Jay & Andrea Segel

Susan & Rod Shale

Judy & Mark Shankman

Allen & Debbie Sheldon

Greg & Lynn Signer

Stephen & Barrie Silk

Karen & Steven Sisselman

Jonathan Soyt and Madison Louis

Russ & Rebecca Stein

Lisa & Neil Wallack

Harris Wallack

Eric & Emily Yale

Susan & Jon Yorks

Judith Young


As of 3/15/23