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Join us in celebrating the transformation of lives through the power of one-to-one relationships

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JBBBS transforms the lives of children, adults with disabilities and their families through the power of one-to-one relationships. Learn more about our work. 

Driven by Jewish Values

JBBBS proudly serves children and adults of all backgrounds and identities. Get involved with us today!

NEW College Mentoring Program

This new program will provide students with the practical and social-emotional support of mentors who will act as guides and personal champions as they navigate the path to college.

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Want a rewarding, meaningful volunteer experience unlike any other? Give the invaluable gift of your mentorship or friendship today.

Do you know an adult with mild to moderate disabilities who might be interested in our Friend 2 Friend program? Sign up today!

Would your child benefit from having an adult mentor in their life? Sign up today!

JBBBS is proud to serve children and adults across all religions, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability.

Friend 2 Friend (F2F) provides adults with mild to moderate disabilities the opportunity to make new friends, socialize, stay active and be connected to the community. F2F programs support one-to-one friendships for qualifying adults.

JBBBS’ comprehensive mentoring program pairs children aged 6-18 with Bigs who provide role-modeling, encouragement, and friendship. JBBBS supports clients and their whole families by providing financial support, coaching and referrals to other social services agencies.

“All of these experiences that were made possible by JBBBS have made me into the woman I am today. I am confident, compassionate, hardworking, optimistic, and kind. JBBBS provided me with an environment that really allowed me to grow and thrive, allowing me to become my best self.”

JBBBS Alumni, and Scholarship Recipient

Matches in our Children's and Friend 2 Friend Programs.


Given in college scholarship to 44 scholars.


Staff hand-delivered personalized summer packages to our Littles.