Friend 2 Friend Friday: Meet Nici!

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February 19th, 2016
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jdaim16On Friend 2 Friend Friday, we call your attention – in a special way – to our programs serving adults who have disabilities. We educate. We advocate. We inspire. And we ask for your support.

Today, we share the story of one waiting participant in Friend 2 Friend. (One, that is, of over 50 adults with disabilities on our roster.) We need your help: If you’re not already matched, consider giving your time and talent to someone great. If you are, share your story: Tell your friends what it’s meant to you to be involved – as a client, a volunteer, a donor. Stories matter. Your story matters. Indeed, some truly great people have been introduced to the agency – have been introduced to a good friend – thanks to the willingness of our supporters to spread the word. Volunteers wanted!


Nici is 54. She lives in Watertown, where she attends a day program. When she returns home, however, she notes she has little to do and not a lot of company. Over the past five (plus!) years, Nici – who has a developmental delay and some hearing loss –  has come to value Friend 2 Friend. In the Community Program, she was matched twice before; she credits Friend 2 Friend for introducing her to fun and interesting people. Her last match ended in February 2015, and she’s been anticipating another since.

Nici loves hanging out at the library or listening to street musicians in Harvard Square. She’s a voracious reader and super into current events and politics.  She enjoys music, too. Her favorite singer is Elvis.

Her ideal match: A confident, energetic, engaging young woman, interested in arts and culture and eager to get out on the town.

Apply here.