Programs for Children

Programs ChildrenHere, we serve children and teens – ages 6-18 –  from over 90 towns in Greater Boston, including the North and South Shores. They are Jewish and non-Jewish. They come from a variety of different places and life circumstances and include kids from single- and two-parent families of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Some are going through challenging times: struggling socially or academically, confronting their own (or a parent’s or sibling’s) disabilities or medical or mental health concerns. Some are new immigrants to the United States and working hard to get adjusted to life in Greater Boston. Some have experienced a recent (or not so recent) divorce and, some, the death of a parent or sibling.

Still, others could simply benefit from the additional positive role modeling a mentor provides. For instance, we’ve encountered children and teens who are in the process of coming out or have recently come out as LGBTQ and who are looking to connect to a Big Brother or Sister who’s been there. Or we hear from moms and dads who are single parents by choice and who’ve recognized the benefit to growing their own and their child’s support systems to include a mentor.

Here, we know it takes a village. And a Big Brother or Sister is an important part of it.