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JBBBS Blog – A Superpowered Connection

January 14, 2022

As a ‘Big’ at JBBBS, I’m proud to be that support system for my Little who, like I did, struggles with the feelings of inadequacy that can come with ADHD. I’ve learned as much about myself as I hope my Little has learned from me. I find myself telling him stories that I don’t always share with others – things only those of us with ADHD brains understand.

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Launching our Littles into Young Adulthood – JBBBS’ New College Mentoring Program

January 4, 2022

This new program will seek to improve the college experience and graduation outcomes of previously underserved populations through mentorship. By building on our foundation of creating meaningful, one-to-one relationships, JBBBS will provide qualifying students with the practical and social-emotional support of mentors who will act as guides and personal champions as they navigate the path to college.

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JBBBS Blog – The Dynamic Duo

December 16, 2021

After meeting Jordan, we immediately clicked. He has many friends, participates in many after school sports and has an active social life. After a few visits, I asked myself, why does this kid need a Big? A lesson that would become clear over time

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JBBBS Blog – Stories That Inspire

December 6, 2021

Over the coming months, various members of our JBBBS family – participants, volunteers, staff, and board members – will all be sharing their own JBBBS stories and contributing to the blog.

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