A Supportive Mentorship During Formative Years

By Ky and Kelvin

Ky and Kelvin were matched in the JBBBS LGBTQ+ program 4 years ago, when Ky was 11. Together, they have written this blog sharing their experience with JBBBS:


When we met, it was like an instant connection. We both identify as being trans so talking about our journeys has always been easy for the both of us. 

I have been going through most of the things Kelvin has experienced. Kelvin is always there to give pointers and advice about it all. Kelvin is older so he has been through the stages that I am still going through. It’s like having an adult friend who understands more about me than most of the people in my life know. 

We also do a lot of fun things together like Codzilla, mini golfing, going to the beach, and many other adventures.

During the middle of the summer, we decided to go to the beach with Kelvin’s bocce set. We love to play bocce! We played, got ice cream, went swimming and then I saw lightning so we left early. On the way home, we had extra time so we went to Target and got random things we didn’t need and the Dollar Tree. At Target, I got blue light glasses and a light up mirror. And at the Dollar Tree I got a grow lizard and many little trinkets. We played with all our random stuff and laughed a lot. Then Kelvin drove me home. 


One of the reasons I signed up to be a Big with JBBBS is because I didn’t have a lot of older role models that understood me when I was younger. Being matched with Ky has been both really fun and also rewarding. I have really enjoyed being someone he can talk to about trans stuff and about anything else that is going on in his life. The time has flown by and he’s grown up so much since we started hanging out.


We think that many other kids and adults should do this program because it has been an incredible experience full of adventure. It’s like you get your own personal sibling that actually likes hanging out with you. Whether that’s late-night games (Celtics) or a two-hour weekend hang, it’s amazing to be around an older role model and best friend. We’re looking forward to keeping this friendship for a long time. It will be nice when I am older for us to check in and hang out. This is a never-ending friendship that we are going to cherish for a very long time.  

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